Tuesday, December 21, 2010

modif honda geniofoto modif honda genio
Many of them will be done to please the couple. Like the Word, he 1995 Honda Genio is for istrinya.itu is a Honda Genio, not Mercedes-Benz New Eyes, like the appearance of front and rear lights. At first glance, you will not think this is a Honda Genio. interior modif honda genio dashboard modif honda genio
further complement this 1995 extremeness Genio, turbochargers were pinned on the slabs of the engine, so now stored energy reached 200 dk.Firman gahar even had to bring his car to Jakarta, and patiently wait length of time working with a patient for two years, with total costs reaching hundreds juta. honda genio modifHonda Genio his windshield and just be left behind alone, because the start of the body, the engine until the interior is exposed to debris from the headlights modifikasi. started who adopted the Mercedes- Benz New Eyes, taillights also took from the German brand.

honda genio full modif
engine tuning honda genio

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